Linda Lovelace Meets Miss Jones

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Descripción: Four of the top stars ever assembled on the screen together exceed their talents in this picture. Linda Lovelace of "Deep Throat," Georgina Spelvin of the "De-vil and Miss Jones" who shook the motion picture industry throughout the world are united with Darby Loyed Rains and Harry Rheems in this picture which will make their previous performances look like a social tea party. This gang of sex loving stars give you lots of lip action; ass swinging; banging. This smorgasbord flick leaves nothing to the imagination. Darby Loyd Rains is by no means a slouch. Her performance makes her a number one contender in this sex contest extravaganza. Your audience will have difficulty determining who is now the top sex queen and king but your box office will tell you this Lovelace Meets Miss Jones is your big winner.