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Descripción: One day, in the evening, Christopher Lambert decided to train pokatatsa, well, * sale to him, he is Duncan MacLeod, the immortal NICD * ca time and car, bought a ticket on the train route Kaliningrad - Vladivostok and drove wheelbarrow Toёotu buy, though friends advised to take Honda bitch, but friends of these tips have been deprived jug and wiped his sword Macleod and polozhif it in his pocket chased tachiloy yaponskay. Driving through the Netherlands, entered into kupehu 2 caps in leather corsets and hats. 'Gopniki'- MacLeod thought:' schA pridyavy will throw for Lohan bespectacled and ask for a cigarette. " But the caps were not goparyami and normal Dutch - freaky bl * dyami offered Duncan in e * ACA, and then decided to treat him normal Dutch doping brand Taran capsule goes on 5 wheels, to fly to the moon without Apollo 13, nada their shavat on sushnyag, all five, and wait for the Star City will give the nod to start, go to Baikonur is not necessarily, you can start from anywhere, even from the toilet. On the duck's, and Duncan, our More with detstva dreamed of becoming Yuri Gagarin, and fly to the moon and expose the bitch tries all Pindos and prove the USSR, America or * yn to the moon did not fly, and removed all their shooting in the garage, near Vitebsk. In general our Duncan shaval Gagarin just five wheels, oppa conductor filled up caps, and tight. Females were all still Gopnik Dutch Duncan to escape, without trusof, but with glasses, is a suit, to fly to the moon. Morning tries where I am, what I am, who I am ??? Around what is unfamiliar faces, a jester and the naked women on leashes and all IB * ca, among them Queen sisyastaya, whose name was Academician Korolev. Pi * dec thought Gagarin or * yn Seeb Moon, flowers flowers, nada to do jogging legs from this planet or look Pindos, that in exchange for oil delivered to Earth. Ran ran, looking for looking for fucking fucked, found finally did what the Japs, shouts to her: 'Give cho thread so vain', and she gave him an ultimatum: 'Give bitches the Kuril Islands', that sailed our Macleod Gagarin, x * I make , and fly back home to sell or on the moon ostatsa. And you cho advise ???