Personal Touch 4

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Descripción: Trinity Loren kicks off this walk through the erotic desires of a series of porn star ladies, and her luscious, curvaceous frame has never been as inviting. Each of the blue-screen divas details her innermost sexual desires, and what they reveal is usually as erotic as erotic gets. Trinity is incredible here as she talks a blue streak as feverishly sexual as the exquisite boffing she lays upon Ray Victory in the film's final segment. Exotic Jade East is also lava-hot here as she takes on a pair of guys in the bathroom after they arrive to 'clean her pipes.' Also garnering top honors is Kassi Nova, whose back-door hot-tub boff with Rocco Crucci is the stuff blue movie legend is made of. An absolute must see and one of the best segment films of Trinity's career.
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